Water Quality Evaluation and Management
Wastewater Discharges, Stormwater Runoff, Pesticides

The typical regulatory approach used today tends to significantly over-regulate regulated chemicals in point-source domestic and industrial wastewater discharges and in non-point source runoff from urban, agricultural, forested, and mining areas. This is due to inadequate consideration's often being given to the aquatic chemistry and toxicology of chemical constituents that affect the impact of the consitutents on the beneficial uses of waterbodies. Dr. Lee has worked on the development of water quality criteria and their implementation into water quality standards and discharge limits since the mid-1960's. He and Dr. Jones-Lee publish extensively in this topic area. Particular attention in their publications has been given to residual chemicals in municipal and industrial wastewater discharges, urban and highway stormwater runoff, and non-point-source stormwater runoff from agricultural, range, and forested lands. Drs. Lee and Jones-Lee have developed a water quality-based hazard assessment approach for the evaluation of the impact of chemical constituents in a waterbody or a tributary to it, on the beneficial uses of the waterbody.

An area of emphasis in their work continues to be the impacts of chemical constituents in urban-area and highway stormwater runoff on water quality/use-impairment of receiving waters. Traditional, mechanical monitoring of stormwater runoff as typically practiced is generally ineffective in assessing the potenial adverse impacts of chemical constituents in stormwater runoff on receiving water quality. A technically valid, more cost-effective approach for the identification of real water quality problems caused by stormwater runoff is the Evaluation Monitoring approach. As discussed in a number of their other publications as well, the Evaluation Monitoring approach also provides a technically valid, cost-effective approach for developing reliable BMPs for stormwater runoff. Aquatic life toxicity caused by pesticides in urban and rural area stormwater runoff has also been a focal point of the work of Drs. Lee and Jones-Lee.

This website provides additional information on the academic and professional background and experience of G. Fred Lee and Associates, as well as downloadable copies of many of their publications in the areas of wastewater quality impact evaluation and management and stormwater quality impact evaluation and management. Click on the following links for summaries of G. Fred Lee's expertise and experience in pesticide impact and management, water quality standards and NPDES permits, evaluating and managing impacts of domestic wastewater on receiving water quality, stormwater quality evaluation and management.

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