Evaluation and Remediation/Management of
Impacts of Hazardous Chemicals

There are some areas of industrial, municipal, and agricultural properties, and waterbodies, including groundwaters, that contain significantly elevated concentrations of potentially hazardous and otherwise deleterious chemicals. Such chemicals pose real or potential threats to public health, surface and groundwater resources, the environment, and/or the interest of those who own or use properties in the areas under the influence of the chemicals. Drs. Lee and Jones-Lee have developed several papers and reports that discuss important issues for investigating and remediating areas that contain hazardous or otherwise deleterious chemicals. Information is provided on evaluating the adequacy of site investigation and remediation relative to the long-term threats that hazardous and otherwise deleterious chemicals may represent to public health, groundwater resources, and the environment. A list of recent publications and further information on their activities on this topic are available.

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