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What Was DSCSOC?

DSCSOC was the Davis South Campus Superfund Oversight Committee, a group of Davis citizens concerned about the impacts of radioactive and chemical wastes from the LEHR Superfund site on their water resources and health, and on the environment. DSCSOC was formed out of the concern that the two Responsible Parties for the LEHR Site, the Department of Energy (DOE) and the University of California at Davis (UCD), were not adequately and reliably investigating the public health and environmental quality risks posed by the materials at the site. In 1995 DSCSOC received a US EPA Technical Assistance Grant ("TAG"), which allowed DSCSOC to hire an independent technical advisor to review the site investigation/remediation documents and on-going activities for the public and from the public's perspective. DSCSOC hired Dr. G. Fred Lee, President of G. Fred Lee & Associates of El Macero, CA, in June of 1995 to serve as its independent technical advisor.

Since 1995, as part of his role as technical advisor to DSCSOC, Dr. Lee has provided written comments on technical aspects of documents and reports developed during the course of the site evaluation, and on issues and aspects that needed to be addressed, or more properly addressed, for the protection of public health and environmental quality. Many of the LEHR site reports that Dr. Lee has developed for DSCSOC may be viewed and downloaded from this web site.

At the close of 2008, the LEHR site had been investigated for pollutants normally considered at Superfund sites, and DOE and UCD were in the process of preparing remediation plans for the site. However, due to the US EPA�s obstruction in the renewal of the TAG grant for the LEHR site in the winter of 2009/2010, DSCSOC was disbanded, and the technical oversight of the activities at the LEHR site that DSCSOC had been providing on behalf of the public, ceased; a discussion of this situation has been provided. Questions still remain about presently unknown, unrecognized, and unregulated pollutants at the site that may need remediation in the future. For more information on the background of the site see LEHR Site History.

While DSCSOC has been disbanded, G. Fred Lee & Associates, with permission of the former Executive Director of DSCSOC, will maintain the DSCSOC website in order to preserve the public�s access to the substantial amounts of information and insight produced through the efforts of DSCSOC into the investigation and remediation of the LEHR site. Further, Dr. G. Fred Lee may be contacted at [email protected] for information concerning his former technical oversight activities at the LEHR site.

Additional information on environmental quality aspects of landfills, and on environmental quality aspects of hazardous waste management is available on Drs. G. Fred Lee and Anne Jones-Lee's website, http://www.gfredlee.com.

Information on Dr. Lee's academic background and professional expertise and experience, as well as downloadable copies of many of his professional writings are available on his website, http://www.gfredlee.com. He may also be contacted directly by email at [email protected].

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