June 1, 2000

Remedial Project Manager
LEHR Superfund Site
UC Davis
Davis, CA 95616

Dear RPMs:

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board has issued tentative wastewater discharge requirements for the discharge of the LEHR Superfund site's treated groundwater effluent as part of UCD's effort to revise its now inadequate Interim Remedial Action to cleanup the polluted groundwater plume at the Superfund site on UC Davis campus. UCD is preparing to discharge the groundwater effluent to a pasture near the LEHR site. The notice states that 20 to 30 acres would be needed to use the entire volume of effluent in the summer and at this time UCD has access to seven acres. Until sufficient irrigated pasture is available, the remainder of the effluent will be blended with water from the Solano County Water Agency to lower TDS and nitrate concentrations with WDR limitations and injected into HSU-2.

A recent Davis Enterprise article titled "UCD announces waterway plan" stated "Members of a UCD Waterway Improvement Committee outlined a project that ultimately could add fish ponds to segments of Putah Creek, form a potential wetlands demonstration area and link the Arboretum to Davis' greenbelt."

The Putah Creek Council announced that an accord has been reached and Putah Creek flow will increase by about 50 in non-drought situations and this accord would require an annual flow of 31,000 acre feet except during drought years.

DSCSOC requests that the RPMs request that UCD provide information on what magnitude the change in Putah Creek flow will be associated with the revised IRA and for assistance in evaluating the changes to Putah Creek.


Julie Roth
Executive Director
Davis South Campus Superfund Oversight Committee

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