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March 19, 1998

Brian Oatman
UCD LEHR Project Manager
Environmental Health & Safety
One Shields Ave.
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616

Dear Brian,

I wish to provide UCD with comments of behalf of DSCSOC regarding the placement for the sign(s) identifying the LEHR Superfund site as required by EPA regulation (40) CFR 35.610 (a)(2)(ii). There was a discussion after the RPM meeting on March 17th regarding this issue and you stated that ITEH may not appreciate a sign at the front entrance so you thought a sign on the Putah Creek levee would be acceptable. While I think a sign on the levee would be appropriate as most members of the public use this area for recreation have no idea this area is adjacent to a Superfund site, a sign at the front entrance is also necessary. Most of the people entering the LEHR (ITEH) site do not travel beyond this point so they will not see the sign on the levee. They need to be informed about the LEHR Superfund site. Members of the public who use Putah Creek and approach from the south will not see a sign at the site's entrance. According to EPA's information "Public Awareness Signs At Superfund Sites" the purpose of the sign is "... to promote continued interaction with communities as well as assure that interested parties can access information or report unusual or criminal activities." A sign in both locations is necessary to accomplish EPA's goals.

If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact me.


Julie Roth, Ex. Dir

cc: DSCSOC's Ex. Board
William H. Taylor
Jane Riggan

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