Comments on Dames & Moore Presentation at the
April 1995 Public Meeting on the LEHR Site

Prepared by

G. Fred Lee, Technical Advisor to DSCSOC
G. Fred Lee & Associates, El Macero, CA

There is a series of data presentations which are part of an RPM meeting March 1, 1995. Data are provided on background soil, chemical characteristics and radionuclide content. When will the complete set of the data collected as part of this background soil characterization be available for review? The parameters for which this data include total organic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrate, sulfate, barium, chromium, lead, manganese, DDT, methychlortoxithene (sp?), gross alpha, carbon-14, tritium, gross beta, cobalt-60, strontium-90, cesium-137 and radium-226. Hopefully data on sodium, calcium, magnesium, carbonate and several other common soil constituents are available. A significant omission is chlordane.

One of the figures, "Western Dog Pens and North Chemical Dispensing Area Location Map Soil Borings Operable Unit 3," presents data on the locations of borings. However, none of the data are available. When will this data be available? Similarly, data for the other sediments?

One of the figures is labeled, "Regional Cross Section B-B." There is no map available. However, this shows where this cuts through the LEHR site.

One of the figures is labeled, "Groundwater Elevation Contours, October 1990." Why was this contour presented?

The figure for nitrate groundwaters near the LEHR facility need to be examined in the original form. I also need to see the original chromium figure. One of the plots is "Davis Municipal Well No. 12." Where is that well located?

I want to call Robert Scroutch to see if he has similar data for other locations.

One of the figures is "Site Map of Existing Monitoring Wells and Old and New CPT/Hydropunch Locations." Have these been sampled and when will the data become available? With hydropunch it is important to compare the results to existing wells. Hydropunch should be taken between UCD 17 and 18 in both the upper and lower HSU and compare the results between the results obtained by hydropunch vs. monitoring data.

There is a "LEHR Site Cross Section HSU-2." Again, the location is not indicated. It can be figured out from the map based on the location of the wells and the CPO units.

There is a figure, "Summary of 1st HSU Groundwater Sampling Results Nitrate." I need the original color version to examine this. Also, when will the complete data become available? I also need the data for the hexavalent chromium and chloroform. For tritium I want to see all of the data that was collected as part of this sampling as soon as possible. I would also like to see a second round of hydropunch taken near the first where there were high concentrations of various parameters to see if the second time the same concentrations were found

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